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We support accountants who want to disrupt the sector by bringing their vision to life:

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"Insight101 has captured the ethos of C&M accountants perfectly, so much so that we were approached to sell the firm"

Kath Docherty


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From generic accountancy firm to unique & effective marketing machine

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 If you're looking for an accountant to put us through our Marketing paces, look no further!

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Insight 101 is a brand consultancy

We help businesses to understand their values, beliefs and  their unique vision to demonstrate what makes them truly different. We do this through brand audits, workshops and 121 consultations.

We have over 25 years’ experience in branding from all over the world working for  major international companies including Levis, Ford Motor Company, British Airways, Cadburys, TATA,  Clarks Shoes and many more.

We also have experience in working for some of the leading advertising agencies including Ogilvy, McCann and Starcom.

We have seen the power of brand from both perspectives, through the eyes of the client and the supplier.  This enables us to guide the right decisions to  translate into powerful marketing communications.

The breakthrough can happen in a matter of HOURS.  Let us show you.


We asked some leading experts in the accounting world about some of the key challenges in the accounting world.  Read what they said.


What our clients say about us

"We have recently started work with Philippa to update our brand, vision and strategy. She has produced an excellent document for us which accurately identifies who we are, what makes us different and who we want to work with. She has managed to capture the ethos of C&M Accountants and I am absolutely delighted with the output and look forward to working with her in growing our business. "

Kath Docherty

C&M Accountants

"Philippa is doing a great job of working us through a Brand Discovery exercise, helping us to define and express our vision, beliefs, values, culture and brand. She is helping us bring clarity and focus so that we can plan better, communicate our message more clearly and be bold in identifying our target market. Philippa is doing a great job of facilitating and providing a framework for the exercise and has delivered a report back to us that all our staff recognise as being true to The Channel Partnership. It's a many staged project to work through to a clear marketing communications plan and we anticipate working with Philippa for some time to come."

Tom Rolfe

Director at the Channel Partnership

"Philippa is a warm hearted, straight talking professional with a pragmatic and effective approach to branding. She helped me get clear about what really mattered to me; weaving together my background, my beliefs and my story to create clarity about my brand. She is highly knowledgeable and passionate and If you're looking for someone to help you synthesise what's unique about your company then I highly recommend Phillippa."

Fenella Hemus

Above Beyond Coaching & Training

"I have only met Philippa once but I immediately knew that she was someone I could recommend. I love her energy, positivity and ability to clearly see the wood from the trees. Philippa has coached one of my team and I was so impressed with her ability to quickly see the support that was needed and to be so proactive in her approach. Philippa is a huge supporter of her clients and I love her natural ability to communicate both face to face and online. She is consistent both on and off line and I can't recommend her highly enough."

Rebecca Newenham

Virtual Assistant Agency

"Having come up with a disruptive business model for the recruitment industry we set about creating a brand. Having done this ourselves we ended up with a ‘safe’ and, in hindsight, uninspired website and brand that really wasn’t going to stand us out from the crowd. We literally couldn’t have blended in more if we had tried. Realising this we approached Philippa from Insight 101 and had an initial call. We agreed to retain Insight 101 to deliver us a brand blueprint. During phone interviews Philippa was able to identify what each of the founder’s motivations were, what our frustrations were and what was driving us to deliver this new business. From there she crafted concepts and themes around us, putting us front and centre of the new brand. It felt uncomfortable which was a good thing, but Philippa ensured that it felt safe and was all required to reach the ultimate end point. What we ended up with was brand blueprint document that has become the cornerstone of our brand development. Philippa’s approach was very personal, she delved deep into our personal stories in order to bring out the most important parts of what and why we were doing what we were (it felt like therapy at times!). She then expertly pulled together brands that would resonate with us, and using this feedback, she worked with us to develop our unique positioning. Furthermore, Philippa worked as an extension of our business, one we trusted to act on our behalf briefing other members of our creative team in order to bring the brand to life through language, tone, and imagery.

Branding is very often an afterthought for business owners, once there is a logo and website in place not much else matters. This is where we were heading and could have been a huge problem for us to make the impact that we are looking for further down the line. Investing the time and money in working with Insight 101 has enabled us to create a brand that stands out, has a clear message, a clear voice, and a clear difference to the rest of the market. Most importantly though, it is true to the founder’s beliefs and goals. Whether we succeed or fail is not down to Philippa’s work, but I am positive that the work of Insight 101 has given us the best chance possible to get our message heard and to make the business succeed."

Tim Gear Evans

Netiro (Executive Search)


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