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Insight 101 is a brand strategy consultancy

We help businesses like yours talk about your product, service and brand and how it is unique in the market so that your message to your customer is clear and inspiring.

We turn your marketing message into  your biggest asset, and enable you to  build focused and  future-facing plans.


Your challenge

The Power of Knowledge

Use knowledge to drive success

At Insight101 we not only understand the importance of knowledge but we also know how to apply it in a way that drives commercial success.  We can make sure you have more meaningful conversations that demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership to build you customer loyalty and greater commercial value.


What our clients say

"I worked with Philippa for much of my time at Clarks, her insight knowledge and expertise was a great enabler for me and my team when developing our immediate and strategic plans. The balance of big picture, forward thinking strategic vision alongside her operational understanding was a perfect combination. She also has the intelligence and expertise to work with senior stakeholders, interested parties and the teams who need to deliver."

Graham Ash - Commercial Managing Director of Clarks Europe

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Philippa for over 3 years.  Thanks to her leadership and guidance our team achieved significant traction within our business.  Her expertise and experience speak for themselves, however her true strength lies in her ability to engage with all manner of people.  I’ve no doubt we will be working together in the future."

Christopher Russel - Lovehoney

"Philippa has an exceptional combination of deep customer expertise and hands on commercial know how. She is brilliant at translating customer understanding into strategies and activities that drive business growth."

Tom Rowley - Owner of Stripe Partners

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Are you struggling to build customer loyalty? Or is your company in transition? We can help. 

Shake up your brand, feel energised about your business again
Talk confidently and connect with your customers emotionally
Feel confident when pitching and talking to new customers
Turn your marketing around, and communicate the real value of what you do
Define your target and your competition so that you can stand out and be focused in your plans

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Secret Diaries of an Entrepreneur

Calling all professionals!

Are you looking for a series of business events that enable you to network and to gain valuable insights from business owners at the same time?

The Secret Diaries of an Entrepreneur are a series of monthly events (last Tuesday of the month) specially designed to talk about the pitfalls, challenges, and ultimate successes in business.