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What Makes A Creative Idea Great?

October 19, 2017

“One of the most damaging misunderstandings around in business and the creative industry is that analytical thinking and creative thinking don’t belong together.  Whereas in fact the reverse is often true and can prove to be a potent combination.”

Wise words from a Creative Director when interviewed by Insight 101, who over many years in advertising in the UK, North America, and Europe, has seen countless examples where creative ideas have failed to resonate by not hinging on a powerful & single-minded truth.

“Consumer insight at the start of any creative process is like gold dust” he continued.  “It gives creative people something to be creative about.  And insight is a two way street. Marketing people are capable of creative insights and creative people are capable of marketing insights. Realising this and bringing it into our businesses can release a huge amount of energy that can transform not only the productivity of a team but can transform an idea that was ok into something that’s truly great.”

This is the kind of breakthrough that every business or creative agency is looking for and can have if they go about it the right way.  A case in point recently when Insight 101 supported a media production agency in a pitch situation for new business.  As is often the case the brief from the client was good, but not great.  Detailed but not quite enough.  And in particular the target audience definition was sketchy as was the overall objective of the creative  itself.  Not a particularly promising start.  Only by digging into the offer, understanding some of its strengths and weaknesses defined by the consumer & internal data was the agency able to pinpoint a chink in the armour which, when looked at differently, provided a light-bulb moment when the way forward became blindingly clear.

We all look for that “a-ha” moment but some of us don’t look in the right way or the right place.  If you want to know more about building clarity and purpose in your creative, please get in touch.