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This is 2020: Your accountancy firm needs a personality

October 1, 2020

When you meet people, what is it that makes you connect better with some than others? What is it that helps you relate?

It is our human characteristics, our personality, that form the basis for our connections and subsequent relationships. Keep your personality hidden, and the conversation falls flat.

It’s the same for a business. According to Harvard Business School, 95% of purchasing decisions are based on feelings instead of logic (

Accountants may not be renowned for showing emotion, but this is 2020: It’s time for modern accountants to challenge traditional conventions and appeal to the emotions of their ideal clients.

Accountancy firms are not exempt from needing a brand personality.

What is brand personality?

Brand personality is a set of human characteristics attributed to a brand. Think adjectives: Dependable, responsible, friendly, strong, helpful – choose a collection that’s unique to your brand. It also encompasses tone of voice, design, culture, and demographic characteristics.

Brand personality is what makes your business human, and unique, in the eyes of your existing and potential clients.

Your brand’s personality and identity are inextricably linked. While your brand identity is what you stand for – your morals and your values – your brand personality is the way you portray that identity.

People buy into brands they like and can relate to. Defining your brand personality gives them something to like and a reason to choose you.

How to define your brand personality

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Often, a brand personality is born from the firm founder’s personality and develops into a DNA that runs through the business. Personality is crafted and decided during brand creation and its direction is built on what a firm stands for, its vision, values and who their target audience are.

In larger organisations, a personality can be lost as the brand grows and evolves. This can lead to a business becoming generic and vanilla in the sea of businesses offering similar services or products.

Firms wanting to redefine their brand personality can do so through a process of reflection:

·        Explore

·        Analyse

·        Create

Ask yourself the big questions: Who are you? Who and what do you want to be? What is your ethos? Then ask those same questions to employees, friends, and clients.

Analyse the market and where you fit into it. Your brand personality needs to be unique, authentic and reflect who you are.

How to get your brand personality to shine through in 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been about as far from typical as you can get.

Businesses and individuals have had to find new ways to navigate through the turbulent times of the global pandemic. Many have found stability and strength in going back to the root of their values and from there offering clients a human connection that has been so much more important during recent months.

But COVID-19 has also brought distance, meaning firms cannot rely on face-to-face contact to share their personality. More than ever before, we have turned to online resources to keep businesses going and connections alive.

Your brand personality needs to permeate everything from your visuals and design, to communications, social media interactions, presentations, pitches and even sponsors.

Wherever, and however, your clients come across or engage with your firm, they need to sense your brand personality.

Fears around brand personality

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The days of blanket uniformity in accounting firms are gone. You will not be taken any less seriously if you inject personality into your brand.

Brand personality will get you noticed in the modern marketplace and empower you to nurture strong, lasting relationships with clients who are right for you.

When you commit to your unique brand personality, you may alienate some potential clients, but you will attract many more who are the right fit for your firm.

Key takeaways

Brand personality dictates everything you do and the success of your business. Get it right and your accountancy firm could be a trusted, memorable, leading authority, valued for authenticity and the only choice for your ideal clients.

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