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The 12-month marketing solution for your accounting firm

November 19, 2020

Not sure how to approach marketing for your accounting firm? You’re not alone. There are multiple elements under the marketing umbrella and mapping out how to make them work for your business is a challenge.

But accounting firms are not exempt from needing the power of effective marketing.

The good news is that a commitment to investing in successful marketing doesn’t have to mean a commitment to big spending. Exploring a different approach to marketing could take your accounting firm from standard to stand-out in just 12 months.

The modern market and an online presence

Traditionally, accounting firms have relied on word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations to generate new business. But in an increasingly digital world, a modern market saturated with choice, and with the recent disconnect inflicted by the COVID-19 crisis, accountancy firms need to embrace marketing to stay in the race.

The first port of call for many potential new clients is to go online. Whether your firm is recommended to them, or pops up in an internet search, what they find when they search your name or land on your website is crucial.

An effective marketing strategy will give your firm an online presence, build your brand, help you gain new clients and sustain lasting relationships with existing ones.

If you’re ready to grow your accountancy firm and plan for the future, you need to understand how marketing fits in to the modern market in a digital world.

What are the key elements of a successful marketing strategy?

The roots of marketing should be in a firm’s brand – defining the ideal client, message, culture, values and vision. A focus on your brand means you won’t waste time (and your marketing budget) generating leads from prospects who aren’t right for your firm.

From the starting point of a well-defined brand, a successful marketing strategy drives the brand through the appropriate digital channels: a website, blog, social media, emails, video, a regular newsletter. Each are important in shaping a firm’s online presence and engaging with the right audience.

Firms need to understand these channels and how to utilise them. Adding value by repurposing content, sharing content strategically to target client retention and new business, and tailoring all your efforts to your specific target audience are just a handful of examples of pieces in the wider puzzle of a successful marketing machine.

Firms who proactively review, plan and embed their marketing approach and the components within it will soon reap the benefits.

Who should do the marketing?

Some firms employ an in-house marketing manager or executive, or even a whole team. Others outsource marketing to agencies. In larger organisations there is often both the need and the budget. But for smaller businesses those options may be an unnecessary, if not fruitless, expense.

That is not to say that smaller firms should just muddle through without expert support. Knowing where to spend money on marketing and how to build, implement and sustain a successful strategy is essential.

An alternative approach – make it happen in just 12 months

For accountancy firms who currently don’t have a marketing function, an alternative approach that is less financially weighted and instead invests in time and learning, could be the answer.

Insight101 are soon to launch a new package that will help firms build a fully functioning, sustainable marketing strategy in just 12 months. The innovative programme offers a hybrid of coaching and marketing expertise.

12 month marketing calendar

The benefits of this approach are numerous. There is no waste in terms of spending on marketing, as the objectives are aligned to a clear, defined and unique brand. The emphasis is on translating a firm’s brand into tangible marketing assets and communications. With a train, plan, learn, embed mindset, the programme focuses on upskilling, training and coaching from within, avoiding the higher financial load of a full-time marketing investment.

Marketing modules

The programme is structured in clear modules, kicking off with the 90-day accelerator – three months dedicated to planning the year and launching the brand. Months four -11 are monthly modules based on the train, plan, test, embed mindset, and coach people to understand key elements of marketing strategy and embed them with confidence in day to day activity. The final month is an opportunity for review and to plan for the second year of the firm’s marketing strategy.

With a clear 12-month timeframe, the package takes a strategic approach to the business, and results in an objective-led, robust, measurable marketing plan. For 12 months, your business gets all the benefits of the support and direction of a Brand and Marketing Director, at a fraction of the cost.

The ideal mindset

Despite the turbulence of 2020, many accounting firms are flourishing. Businesses who celebrate their younger employees, who are promoting those with potential, investing in brand culture and planning for future growth have the ideal mindset to embrace a modern approach to marketing. They are in the best position to nurture the talent they already have and grow a new marketing strategy from within.

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