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"I've just returned with burnout, you may have caught me at the right time..."​

January 7, 2021

With lock-down 3 now underway, there is much talk of frustration, fear, tiredness and any other number of symptoms. But it's only when you speak to an individual and understand the impact on them, that the situation hits home hard.

We've all seen some of the statistics. A survey conducted at the end of 2020 by 72 Point on behalf of The Office Group among 2,000 workers tells an important story:

  • 51% of respondents said they’re working outside of their contracted hours, with the average worker putting in an extra 59 hours over the previous five months.
  • 32% said the lock-down had pushed them closer to burnout.
  • 27% indicated that a lack of social interaction was making the time especially difficult.

Despite their added stress during this time, 69% of the workers said their employer isn’t offering ways to improve their work-life balance or well-being. We're sure it's a frequent tale. But what if you are actually the employer? What if you are the owner manager of your business, what then?

We had a conversation with someone in that very position recently. Returning from the Christmas period and from self-confessed burnout, what is the answer if you're at the helm? He wasn't sure any more that there was one.

"I'm just not sure what my brand is any more" was the reply to a simple question.

There are, of course, many resources for support, and experts, in the mental health field. That needs to be said straight away and we are in no way equipped to manage this conversation. But what else can be done that brings back a sense of fight, a sense of renewed purpose and some clarity in direction within your business itself ? After all, if you're a business owner, your sense of self, your sense of well-being is often wrapped up in your work as much as your personal life. They are inextricably linked. So treating one without the other seems to make little sense.

At the end of last year Insight101 was approached to lead a webinar for Weston College talking about the importance of brand in an ever changing world. It sounds a little trite and maybe an attempt to shoe horn our businesses services into the current climate but from our perspective, and that of Weston College, this was in fact a serious discussion to have.

When a business owner feels lost or burnt out, they are often looking for renewed passion and energy from somewhere and for someone else to answer the questions or propose the best way. And this of course translates to being able to manage themselves, their teams and the business during difficult times.

Simply put and explained in our webinar session, Insight101 helps business owners to answer these questions:

  1. Where does the business need to go?
  2. What are we all about these days and what will make our service stand out?
  3. What is the vision or purpose that can collectively drive the business, me the owner and my staff forward?
  4. How do I retain my clients and how do I start to manage the dialogue to find those which will fill the sales pipeline?
  5. How can I keep my employees on the right track and feeling ok during such a difficult period?

There are, of course, many other questions that can be answered, but you get the idea.

The power in what we do is that we access the business owners thoughts, and yes, feelings. We do the same for the employees too. We then take these thoughts and make sense of them. We frequently hear "you nailed what I am and what I really want so quickly and yet I've never been able to do that myself"

The process is a structured one:

  • Stakeholder and employee 121 interviews
  • A report out of some of the key overlapping insights (both positive and negative)
  • A workshop to discuss further and to start to formulate a position in the market (where can you sit vs. your competitors), a unique message that only you can use based on our talks, a vision and values which are inherent in your team (but you've never noticed) and a whole lot more...
  • A brand blueprint that is designed and written that becomes the formula for your brand and the next step in the brand identity process leading to website, social media etc

Brand is not a fluffy concept, it can be the glue that keeps a team together. It can be the guiding light that shows you where you need to go and keeps pulling you back to that defined path when you start to pull away. It's that sense of who you are and what your business offers (and more importantly how) which gives your clients the reason to stay with you and for those who are looking to contact you rather than someone else.

We started this blog mentioning burnout. Burnout can be the result of many things, and god knows there are plenty of reasons to feel this way as we move into 2021. But putting in place actions. Putting in place plans and starting a fresh piece of paper can be just the injection of energy that you've been looking for. Particularly when you're at burnout.

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