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8 Signs That You Need To Re-Boot Your Business

March 26, 2018

As Spring approaches and the clocks go forward out of nowhere we feel a new sense of energy and optimism.  The promise of light nights, barbecues and fun with friends is very much top of mind.  At this time of year, with energy increasing it's common to have a good old Spring clean to remove all the cobwebs so that we feel fresh and ready to take on the new season.

The same can be said for our business.  With the sun streaming through the window instead of rain pelting the pains, we suddenly feel a lot more open to devising new plans, reviewing our progress and preparing for new growth.  All really positive and reviving stuff...

So what happens then if you're a business which doesn't have so much of a spring in your step?  You're getting up in the morning wondering why you ever ventured into your business.  You feel like you've lost your "mojo" and quite honestly, don't know how to get it back.

First of all it's important to be able to recognize that the torpor you feel can potentially be remedied.  The key is to recognize in yourself that something is wrong and that you need support from someone else to address this.  Not easy.  None of us enjoy admitting that we don't know all the answers.

The following 8 signs are typical scenarios which hint that your business may need a bit of a  re-boot.

1. A brand audit reveals that your brand image and communications are inconsistent

2. You lack presence on social media - your messaging is inconsistent or infrequent

3. Business growth requires a change in direction but there is no current plan to harness the strength of the current business and future positioning is unclear.  What is the essence that can be leveraged?

4. You are time poor and have limited time to decide how to focus your efforts.  You're chasing your tail and getting nowhere

5. You rarely network and when you do you lack a compelling message and point of difference

6. You frequently pitch on price

7. Your strategy is flimsy - you're not sure how your business is different

8. You frequently have dry periods - it's feast or famine

The good news is that with a few adjustments it's eminently possible to get back on the right track and drive on through.  Going back to the fundamentals of your business will help you to re-gain your focus:

Your Vision - what defines your business and what gets you out of bed in the morning?

Your Focus - what differentiates you within your industry/market - customer, trends, competition, market performance - and what will drive growth for you in the future?  

Your Offer - How can you position your product or service to truly create distance between you and the competition?

Activation - How can you ensure that your message is effective and presented powerfully in pitches and sales conversations.

If you are unable to answer any of these questions, your lacklustre approach to spring and the new challenges is understandable.  Simply put, you're ripe for renewal so get in touch and begin that journey to get your zing back. 

Getting in touch couldn't be simpler ( for a free 1 hour consultation that will start to unpick your challenges and build your business promise for the future.  Alternatively take the sales ready challenge and let us get back to you with your results and an activation to WIN.

Happy Easter!  May Spring bring joy and progress in equal measure.