We believe it's important to understand where your business is going and what the opportunities are in the market.  
With 25 years’ experience in branding for major international companies, we bring both knowledge and experience.

About Insight101

Brand ideas your customers will love

Insight 101 was founded from our passion to help businesses find their true brand identity and their rational of being in business.

We want to effect massive change in your business, bringing clarity and direction to your marketing and have those customers hooked

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My View

Philippa Haynes, Founder of insight101

“I believe that putting the customer first should be everyone’s top priority in business. Customers expect more from us than ever before. That’s why I founded Insight101, because I’ve seen the impact good brand strategy has, both on customers and leaders.”

Talking at events

COME and see Me talk at EVENTS

I have recently spoken at the GetConnected Expo in March 2019 about "Owning your unique space in business".  We are all unique and different and it's important to stand out and inspire our customers.  Never has it been more critical to communicate with them on an emotional and deeply personal level.  Stand out.  Be different. Become memorable.

A passionate and dedicated member of WeMeanBiz and WomenMeanBiz, I'm actively encouraging our members to create their own "Unique Brand Story" via my most recent keynote.   Explore the options for my next booking and secure your place here: www.wemeanbiz.co.uk/account

I'm excited to announce that I'll be talking at the next Maximise conference for Women's Business Group on 4 December 2019 and you can register here:

If you've been inspired and would like to discuss me speaking at your event, please get in touch.  I'd love to hear from you.


I'm passionate about brand strategy

I believe it’s vital to have a clear vision. A vision communicated well is the key to a successful future.

The key to your vision lies with your customer. That’s where Insight101 can help. We help you build a culture that acknowledges, interacts with and values the customer fully.

It’s my mission to get as many businesses as possible to focus truly on their customer. Market and consumer intelligence creates a unique opportunity for every business, and it’s time to harness yours.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s hard to respond to change quickly enough. We want to help you gain the confidence and tools to start conversations and proposals that drive commercial success. We don’t want you to wait for someone else to beat you to it.


We are proud sponsors of Maximise Live

“Celebrating Women in Business”


We can help you to…

Improve relationships with customers and clients
Understand what makes your brand different 
Articulate your business vision 
Update your tone of voice 
Develop thought leadership 
Feel confident talking to customers and pitching  for new business 
Take action, and empower your team with a clear route to success 
Bring clarity and demonstrate the route to success
Translate a whim into a rationale for demand
Turn a loose idea into a tangible and credible product
Turn a proposal into a fully committed vision

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